“Are You Ready To Finally Connect With The Most Amazing Girl of Your Dreams During The Day...
And Make Her Your Girlfriend?” 
“Your Perfect Girlfriend Is Out There Waiting Right Now...”
But the real question comes down to this...
“Do You Know How To Find Her During An Average Day, 
And Then Take Her Through The Correct (And Proven!) Process To
Make Her Your Official Girlfriend?” 
And most importantly, do you know how to tap into your own inner confidence to make it all happen smoothly and with excitement...instead of fear?

More than likely your answers to these questions is a big, fat NO. If you were confident and knew exactly what you’d needed to do to find a girl during the day, and eventually make her your girlfriend...you wouldn’t be here reading this right now. But you are.
The good news is...
you’ve landed in the right place.  
Hi, my name is Bijan and I’m the founder of the popular YouTube channel, PICKUP UNCUT.

For over 5 years now I’ve been cold approaching beautiful girls on the street with amazing success.
My specialty is picking up girls during the day, otherwise called, the “Day Game”.
do I prefer picking up girls during the day vs. at night in places like bars or dance clubs?
It’s simple...It’s more genuine.

But the truth is, this success didn’t happen to me overnight.  
In my past, I was just like you.
Picking up girls was hard and my self-confidence was lackluster at best. All of this started from a very young age, even as early as middle school. 

My biggest problem was my own thinking.

You can probably relate to this yourself.

I would get stuck in what I like to call “analysis paralysis” in my mind.

I would identify with my thoughts and get sucked into believing them...even if my thoughts were untrue.

As you can probably imagine, this isolated me from the world and kept me fearful.
If I wanted to approach a girl to speak with her,
I’d FREEZE Before Ever Making A First Move.
If I did build up the courage to actually speak to them, I’d end up saying things in an awkward way that would only drive them away.

It was awful.

You probably know what this feels like yourself in one way or another. 
The good news is,
I never stopped trying, even when it was difficult or painful.
And along the way, I began to study how to actually talk with girls the RIGHT way. I joined online “Pickup” forums. I even met my first “wing-man”.
“Long story short, I was able to overcome my fears, skyrocket my self-confidence, and figure out the best ways to Approach and talk to girls almost effortlessly...” 
What I learned is that the skill of “Speed of Implementation” is very critical to success with talking to girls. This means learning something and implementing it right away, and NOT over-thinking it.

Now that I’ve mastered my own techniques and methods, I’m not only helping young men like yourself learn how to pickup and talk to girls...

But I’m also showing them how to make any girl you desire into your own GIRLFRIEND.
“Here’s The Exact Process You Can Use To Pick Up Any Girl During The Day...And Make Her Your LOYAL Girlfriend!” 
I’ve now put together something that’s pretty special just for you...

I’ve created a STEP-BY-STEP guide or “Blueprint” that incorporates all of my years of insights, tips and proven techniques for not only mastering the Day Game approach to meeting and talking to any beautiful girl you desire, but so much more.

I’ll also reveal to you the ENTIRE process of making them actually want to be your girlfriend!

I’ve called this exclusive guide:
"How To Meet A Girl During The Day And Make Her Your Girlfriend..."
So What’s Inside The Guide?
When I created this guide, I wanted it to not only be highly informative for guys just like yourself, but I also wanted it to be SUPER EASY to implement into your own love life.

Everything you’ll discover in How To Meet a Girl During The Day and Make Her Your Girlfriend is made up of actionable steps and techniques you can apply right away to see quick results with any girl you choose to approach.

Inside this comprehensive guide you’ll...
  •   Discover exactly what the DAY GAME is all about, and most of all...how it can benefit you and your love life. Once you perfect the Day Game, you’ll be hooked!
  •   Find out why your own MENTAL HEALTH and the way you think about yourself, your confidence and more is super critical to your success! I’ll explain why!
  •   I’ll show you how to prepare yourself for the FIRST 30 SECONDS of interaction. This is a critical time frame that if you do it correctly, can do wonders for your own success with any girl!
  •   Learn some of the best secrets about SUBCOMMUNICATION, “THE SWITCH” and even APPROACH ANXIETY and how you can make them all work in your favor! You don't want to miss out on this vital information!
  •   Discover the right way to “Open” with a girl, how to make the right transitions, and finally...HOW TO “SEAL THE DEAL” WITH THEM! You’ll be shocked at how simple this can actually be!
  •   Master the fine are of the PHONE GAME, FIRST DATES and all the most important steps (like texting, calling and more) that you need to take in order to finally make her your official girlfriend!
“You’ll Learn ALL Of The Tactics And Techniques I’ve Mentioned To you above, plus so many more details that will practically MAKE HER BEG YOU like crazy to be her boyfriend!” 

["I have always disliked going out at night and it doesn't work very well with my schedule. The idea of meeting a girl during the day that i not only found attractive, but whose personality i clicked with really resonated with me. after taking a bootcamp with bijan, he was kind enough to lend me a copy of this e-book. the steps are simple, clear & easy to apply. if you want to actually create lasting relationships with women you meet during the day, this is for you"]

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Here’s the deal...
When you think about what it’ll actually feel like to have a beautiful girlfriend by your side, how does it make you feel inside?  
  •   Imagine being able to wake up to her next to you, wearing your favorite t-shirt, smiling at you after a wild night of naughty sex...
  •   Imagine being able to go out to eat with her, watch cool movies, or even go out for a fun night with friends and drinks...
  •   Imagine having that special girl who’ll always be on your side, who will love you for you, and will actually LOVE being your girlfriend...
When you think about the AMAZING BENEFITS you’ll receive by taking action with the information you’ll discover inside How To Meet a Girl During The Day and Make Her Your Girlfriend...

It’s really a no-brainer investment for you.
I know guys would be Happy to pay $250, $500 or even more for this information.
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This will highly increase your chances of her responding...instead of going cold on you.

This information will also help you get that special girl out on a first date and engaged her enough to make her want to KEEP you in her life! 
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